Welcome to 2011!

I hope everyone had a great holiday season this year. So far my start to 2011 has been a very busy one at work but I thought I’d push the work aside for a bit so I could write up a small blog post. I’ve been running solely on my RK lately.  I really  hope with the next update they give us some more options to pick up the superior third marks. Since my raiding has  been put on the back burner from lack of finding a group, I decided I’d jump over to the Moors and have some fun there. So far, I’ve got my RK up to rank 4 and having a blast doing so. I’ve been tweaking my RK to get the most burst dps I can out of him which is needed in the Moors, since you need to hit fast and hit hard if ya want to live. Just picked up a new 2nd age lvl 65 satchel which should work well for replacing my 1st age I was using. Tomorrow I’ll post up a pic of the stats on it so far.


~ by Thamorian on January 5, 2011.

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