Stuff I’m working on before the holidays take over

I’ve been really busy in RL getting ready for the Holidays but I’ve managed to get some good gaming in. I’ve been concentrating on my RK and I’d like to get him some new LIs but I’m nervous about the upcoming changes and that kind of has me in a holding pattern to see what will happen. I’ve been diligently working on trying to get my full Helegrod gear on Dram my RK but have been having trouble lately getting school/library runs to get the superior 3rd marks. I’ve done a few DN runs lately and managed to pick up the gloves and the boots on my RK but have been very disappointed in  the stats. I’m also very grateful that the lotro lotteries are back and I’ve already won one of them so far. I’m trying to decided on which toon I should level to 65 next. My choices are Hunter, Minstrel or Warden. I’ve been leaning towards the Warden after watching @docholidayj’s awesome video he posted doing death from below. My Hobbit Warden is lvl 43 but it’s been so long since I played him i forget all the gambits. Well enough ranting for the night. Take care everyone.



~ by Thamorian on December 22, 2010.

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