Getting into the Spirit of Yule-Fest

Since the launch of this years Yule-Fest my  first order of business was to get a good holiday outfit going to get into the spirit of things. After checking the NPCs handing out the new items I came across this new outfit  which is perfect. Now I just need to make some fresh pipeweed to hand out to the locals. If ya happen to be on Silverlode make sure ya say hi and I’ll give ya some.  I’ve been busy decorating my 4 houses for the Holidays. Once I’m done I’ll post up some more pics. In the meantime Happy Yule-Fest everyone!!!!!



~ by Thamorian on December 15, 2010.

3 Responses to “Getting into the Spirit of Yule-Fest”

  1. SANTA!!

  2. […] week I posted a link to Thamorian’s blog with his
    dwarf dressed up in Yule garb on our Facebook page. Thamorian has
    his dwarf dressed to look very much like […]

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