Upcoming Rune-Keeper changes or getting hit in the face with the nerf bat. It’s all a matter of opinion.

The LOTRO servers will be brought down this Monday the 29th from 6:00 – 10:00am EST for the new update. When I first heard that RKs were getting an update I was very psyched since we had so many issues with our cleansing fires trait line. I patiently waited until the release notes were released and I opened them with great excitement and then  BOOM right in the face with a big ol’ nerf bat. I jumped right on the bandwagon with most of the other RKs crying foul at the changes. After about a week of complaining I decided to spend some quality time on Bullroarer and see how this was all going to work out. I quickly went to the trainer and picked up the three new skills; 1. Sustaining Bolt 2. Master of Writs and 3. Essay of Flame. I was also lucky enough to find some of the new chisels on the AH to test them out. I’ve always traited lightning so I equiped the new lightning chisel which offers +1200 tactical offense rating and while using it you quite frequently become what they call charged which increases your tactical damage and makes the Sustaining Bolt skill cost 0 power. Every time you use Sustaining bolt you get -10% power usage for 15 seconds which takes the place of the power decrease we use to get from equipping the Tale of the Storm trait. Scribes Spark was nerfed but they did increase damage on Essence of Storm and give it a shorter cool down. The Master of Writs skill is just pure awesome. What is allows you to do, is go into battle against a mob and start pounding out the damage or healing  then hit Master of Writs which for 15 seconds allows you to use any of the writs regardless of your attunement at a +50% power cost increase at first this sounds bad but it’s not. I was able to solo a 20k Olag-Hai while using Master of Writs I was able to keep a tier 3 Writ of Health on me while taking it down. I finished with 3/4 of my morale and 1/2 my power. It also works the other way with healing. When you trait at least 4 deep in the benedictions of Peace line Master of Writs becomes a toggle skill you can turn on and off. While this is on and your fully healing attuned you can cast Writ of fire and Writ of Cold at will. Only problem is your using those writs at a +50% power increase. But, there is a solution to that, just equip your Riffler of Writs and the power usage is decreased by -30% and you get a +416 to your outgoing healing. I haven’t had a chance to test out the changes to the Cleansing Fires line but the new skill Essay of Flame applies a tier 3 writ of fire on the target with one skill. Once I get a chance to try the changes to fire line I’ll put up a new post on that. So in conclusion after all my testing I’m pretty happy with the changes and think everything will be just fine if not maybe a little better.

Hope everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving.



~ by Thamorian on November 23, 2010.

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