Grinding the Reputation with a Purpose

I’ve started running my Guardian Thamorian through the new area Enedwaith. When I ran my RK through I never noticed anything of great importance that made me want to grind the reps up to  kindred until I came across two things that made my Guardian start to drool.

After adding up the numbers, that adds 1536 to melee defence add another 600 for the Stalwart Guardian on my belt and you have a total of +2136 melee defence rating. Plus the stats on this items are very nice in themselves with the ICPR and incoming healing rating. So if I’m not doing the festival to get my skeleton horse, you’ll find me in Enedwaith grinding out the rep.


~ by Thamorian on October 22, 2010.

2 Responses to “Grinding the Reputation with a Purpose”

  1. Oooo! They do look nice!

    I’m an EU player, so F2P started for me yesturday – but I’ll be after those on my Guardian, fairly sharpish!

  2. I finished off my Grey Company rep and got my token of resilience. Great little pocket item.

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