Skirmishes are a great way to practice your role in a fellowship

When first starting out in LOTRO your doing mostly solo quests and not really sure how to play your role in a fellowship. I’ve even seen some people level up a character without ever getting in a group, I know I’ve done it with a few. This is where skirmishes come in. When you first start doing skirmishes, spend all your skirmish marks on leveling your soldier to get them to the appropriate level. Once that is done, you can start learning how to play your role. Say for example your a tank (Guardian or Warden) practice using your threat generation skills to get mobs off your soldier and the other NPCs and keep them focused on you. By doing this you will really get a feel for what it takes to be a good tank in a fellowship. As for healers (Rune-Keepers and Minstrels) pick a protector as your skirmish soldier and practice using all your healing skills to keep your soldier in the fight. This is also a great way to advance the deeds associated with certain skills that give you your class traits.


~ by Thamorian on September 23, 2010.

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