The Joy and pain of crafting a lvl 65 2nd age LI

Well I finally  picked up a Symbol of Celebrimbor the other night using a combo of skirmish marks and superior 3rd marks. After much debate on whether I should  use it on my Guardian or my RK, I choose the latter. My goal was to craft a good dps lighting stone.   On initial ID I got 3 decent dps legs and was very excited. I was missing the one I consider a must have, The Fury of Storm Critical Multipier. I figured I still have 3 reforges to get it so I crossed my fingers and started burning through IXP runes I had. First reforge I got penetrate resistance, another must have for a good dps stone. Second and third reforge were two more good dps legs but alas not my fury of storm crit multiplier. So without the fury of storm crit multiplier and the ICPR just wondering if I should continue to work on this one. Below is an image of my new dps stone and the one I’m currently using.


~ by Thamorian on September 22, 2010.

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