Silverlode party announcement!!!!!!!

Fat Smokin Hobbits presents “The drink a beer and get your toes nibbled on party!”


Join us Sept. 13th @ 7:30pm EST in the Shire Slighting housing instance on the Silverlode server for what’s sure to be a good time. We will be tossing back some tall ones (or short ones for you Elves) and trying our luck at some fishing. Prizes will be handed out for best and worst dressed and whatever other crazy reasons we can come up with to give you stuff! You can either bring your own booze or mooch off of us as we will have plenty to go around. So bring your poles, toes, and pallets and lets have a good time!


FSH would like to invite the bands on Silverlode to come out and entertain us while we drink and fish! We will be offering a PRIZE OF ONE MILLION copper pieces to the best sounding band!

If your lotro band is interested please contact Thamorian or Schmo in game or on Twitter @thamorian or @jerniganc.


~ by Thamorian on August 2, 2010.

One Response to “Silverlode party announcement!!!!!!!”

  1. If you have a great band on another server you are also welcome to create some toons on Silverlode to join our battle of the bands.

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